Characteristics of "Make Your Own Story" trading account

  • No requotes, no slippage and instant execution
  • No dealing desk interference
  • True one-click dealing
  • Guaranteed orders fills
  • No negative balances
  • Zero commission trading
  • Fractional pips
  • No fees
  • Low margin requirements
  • Trade Forex, CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities from one account
  • Low account opening requirements (as low as  $1,000US)
  • Targeted low spreads on majors (EUR/USD 1.5 pips, USD/JPY 1.5 pips, GBP/USD 2 pips)
  • Trading on charts
  • Mobile trading
  • Hedging possibilities
  • Free live news feeds
  • Interest free accounts available for religious purposes

Freeoneer Info

Freeoneer Ltd
Suite 13197, 2nd Floor
145-157 St John Street
London EC1V4PY
United Kindom
Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8144 8145
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3318 9030

    Freeoneer Ltd

    Suite 13197, 2nd Floor

    145-157 St John Street

    London EC1V4PY

    United Kindom

    Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8144 8145

    Fax: +44 (0) 20 3318 9030

Live Corporate Account Opening

To open your on-line corporate self-trading account, simply fill-in the form below. During your application, you will be asked to set your account conditions. In accordance with international anti-money laundering regulations, you must provide a copy of the following documents:

  • Duly filled and signed corporate resolution.
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  • Passport or official ID of the authorized director and ultimate beneficial owners. 
  • Credit card (front & back) if you wish to fund your account with one.

We suggest you prepare them in advance and send them by e-mail or fax at the end of your corporate self-trading account registration.

There are Three easy steps to start:

Step 1. Open a corporate self-trading currency account

Step 2. Submit the documents

Step 3. Fund your account

Your account will be held in your own company name with our partner Exto Capital. If you have any questions about the Exto Capital trading conditions, please contact Exto Capital Customer Service via Live Chat or e-mail. For all other questions, please contact Freeoneer.

If it suits you better you can also open an Individual self-trading currency account with us.

To open the Corporate self-trading currency account follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Open Corporate Self-trading Currency Account

Corporate information

Are you authorized to sign on behalf of the above company?

Account information and conditions

Create a password that you will use to check your account, print statements, deposit and withdraw funds, etc. For security reasons, the password you enter below will not be sent to you by e-mail. We advise you to keep your password in a safe location and change it regurlarly.

Additional information

Disclosure and agreements

Consent to conduct business electronically

You consent to executing the account application, agreements and transactions by electronic record and/or electronic signature.

Risk disclosure

You should carefully consider the risk involved with on-line trading of spot forex, precious metals and CFDs. Please read the document for more details.

Terms and conditions

General conditions apply to all dealings and relationships between Exto Capital and its clients.

Step 2 - Submit required documents

For corporate accounts

  • Duly filled and signed corporate resolution.
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  • Passport or official ID of the authorized director and ultimate beneficial owners.
  • Credit card (front & back) if you wish to fund your account with one.

Submit all required documents to

Step 3 - Fund your Account

To deposit money to your account, follow the instructions for each method of funding. After you send funds please complete a deposit information form.

Using any of the Exto Capital Platforms, you are able to trade your corporate self-trading account.


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For any account opening difficulties please contact:
T: +44 (0) 20 8144 8145

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