Characteristics of Freeoneer-Managed Account Programs

  • You have online access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You place your funds in your own name with a clearing broker
  • Neither Freeoneer or the fund manager handles your funds
  • You may withdraw your profit or your initial investment at any time
  • Programs available in EUR and USD base currency
  • Minimum investment of 5,000 USD
  • No minimum investment period applies, but we suggest a period of at least 12 months

Freeoneer Info

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    Freeoneer Ltd

    Suite 13197, 2nd Floor

    145-157 St John Street

    London EC1V4PY

    United Kindom

    Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8144 8145

    Fax: +44 (0) 20 3318 9030

Frequently Asked Questions









Why do I have to fill in Freeoneer due diligence paperwork as well as the third-party custodian/broker?

We are an entirely separate entity from the third-party custodian/broker so we, too, must do our due diligence as required by International Law.

Why do I have to supply my passport details to open an account?

International law now states that the third-party custodian/broker and Freeoneer have to do their due diligence to "know their" client. This includes seeing a passport or ID and proof of current address by means of a utility bill.

When I open up account with the third-party custodian/broker will I then have a direct relationship with them?


If I ever have a problem with my account do I ask you or the third-party custodian/broker?

You ask us if it is a problem concerning the way we trade your account. If it is a problem concerning the moving of funds or alike then you contact the third-party custodian/broker directly. However, we are always ready to assist you with any problem you may encounter to ensure that your account runs smoothly and that you are totally satisfied with the running of your account.



Does your trading team or management have access to my capital?

No, you never send any money to us. You open your own account directly with the reputable broker and then sign a Power Of Attorney that only gives us access and the right to trade only on your behalf, but there are absolutely no circumstances under which we could gain access to the funds in the account.

Does Freeoneer hold any of my funds?


Will I have visibility to my account balance?

Yes, it is your account, you will have 24/7 real-time access to view your account balance and trading activity.

Is my entire account balance being traded?

No, we never have more than 5% of your capital in open trades or exposed via stop-losses at any time. Fully 95% + of your capital is margin and is cash in your broker account at all times.

Are my funds secured?

We have made every effort to choose a financially secure broker, but clients should consider their own due diligence to satisfy themselves on this point.

Where will my money be held and is it safe?

In the account management process, Freeoneer will not hold or receive your funds. Your funds will be held by third-party custodian/broker. Your funds are guaranteed only in so far as guaranteed by third-party custodian/broker: Your Margin Account with third-party custodian/broker is not insured under any state or federal insurance program, or by any other entity.

How do I withdraw funds from my account which is managed by Freeoneer?

If you would like to withdraw assets out of your account,

Step 1 -  please notify us with your account number and desired amount you would like to withdraw at so that we will be able to prepare your account for withdrawal (close any opened positions and not open new ones)
Step 2 -  then fax in a completed withdrawal form to our clearing firm.

Please note that if you withdraw assets but keep the account in our Managed Account open, you will need to leave at least the minimum investment amount in your account.

How much notice do I need to give Freeoneer to withdraw my funds?

Technically, because your account is cash in your broker account, you can withdraw your funds at any time without notice. We ask our clients to give us 48 hours notice so we can stop taking any new positions and allow any open trades to complete their natural cycle.

Can I invest any amount I want?

Any amount can be initially invested provided it is above the minimum account requirements for specific managed programs. To add additional funds, once the account is above the minimum, any further amount can be deposited.

What exactly is a Limited Power of Attorney Document?

A Limited Power of Attorney is a legally binding agreement that allows an agent to trade money allocated to that agent from your account. A Power of Attorney does NOT transfer any kind of ownership of the account in any way. You can revoke a Power of Attorney agreement at any moment without any restrictions, requirements or explanations.

Can I revoke the Limited Power of Attorney?

A client can withdraw their power of attorney at any time by filling our a Revocation of Power of Attorney form.
The client would then have the trading responsibility for the account and can open/close trades etc.



How can you predict the direction of the market?

Freeoneer never claims to predict the direction of the market; in fact, our strategies are largely predicated on the assumption that market movements are mostly random and unknown. Our models rely on exploiting slight statistical probabilities over time, independent of market conditions. We choose to react to the market rather than attempt to predict it.

How do you intend to profit when the market is going down?

Freeoneer holds no directional bias, meaning that nearly equal weighting is given to long and short positions. This differs from many traditional "buy and hold" investment strategies. Our models have been proven in both trending and ranging markets, with the capacity to dynamically adjust for changing volatility levels.

Does Freeoneer or it's traders guarantee a rate of return?

No, there is no guarantee of future performance or rate of return on the accounts being managed.

Does Freeoneer also have their own funds in the same trading programs?

Yes, we have our own funds invested in the same managed trading programs, underscoring our believe in them.

What is Freeoneer's role?

Two fold. To help you open up your account with the third-party custodian/broker and then once your account is opened then to trade the account.

Are traders associated with the third-party custodian/broker?

Neither Freeoneer or traders are associated with the management of the third-party custodian/broker.

What is the relationship between the investor, Freeoneer, and the third-party custodian/broker?

Your account will be in your own name with the third-party custodian/broker and the third-party custodian/broker will be the counterparty for all your forex transactions. Your investment will be traded by Freeoneer, from your account, on the spot forex market.

Why do you call it a Managed Program and not a Managed Fund?

The technical definition of a fund refers to pooled capital from several investors. Freeoneer manages each client's account separately, your funds are in your own broker account; your money is not comingled with anyone else's money.



What are the benefits of portfolio diversification, such as opening a managed Forex account in addition to my other investments?

Here are some reasons to diversify.
* Investment advisors have always advocated diversification.
* Most investor portfolios are heavily concentrated in the stock market and/or bond market.
* Most mutual funds are highly correlated to each other and the market.
* Protecting yourself from the risks associated with investment concentration is important to your financial well being.
* The Forex is not correlated to the stock market, so it provides true diversification to lower your overall investment portfolio risk.
* The Forex offers profit/loss potential regardless of market direction, unlike some other markets (no "Bear" Market).



Do I have to pay taxes on profits made in a managed FX account?

You are obligated to follow your laws and regulations in your country, therefore please contact your local tax advisor. (You will have to pay taxes on all the profits your account makes in your country of residence.)



How is Freeoneer compensated?

We earn a 20% performance fee, which is based on a high watermark system and is deducted when applicable monthly. A 2% annual management fee is also paid monthly at 0,1667% per month and there is a 3 pip mark-up per trade.

How are fees paid?

Fees are withdrawn from the client's trading account by the broker on behalf of Freeoneer (once they have verified that they are due and payable).

If I suffer losses in my account and then I make a profit do I pay a performance fee on that profit?

You will only pay a performance fee on the profits made above your initial investment amount. So if the account suffers losses and then makes profits the performance fee will only be calculated on the balance shown above your initial investment amount or above the highest amount the account ever reached. Making the calculation in this way means we only get a performance fee on net new profits made on a peak to peak basis which is much fairer to you.

If you have any additional questions about our managed currency accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do I have to supply my passport details to open an account?


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